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FinanceWorld Markets Review: 10th November 2023 – S&P 500, Amazon, Insurance Sector, EUR/USD, USD/JPY

The S&P 500 has hit a wall at 4,400, indicating that bulls may be losing momentum Stocks fell yesterday as the S&P 500 hit a wall at 4,400, providing significant resistance. The zero gamma level, which is a support or floor, has been moving higher due to the call wall’s strong resistance. The S&P 500

FinanceWorld Markets Review: 8th November 2023 – Bitcoin, Dollar, BigCommerce, S&P 500

Analyst predicts Bitcoin (BTC) to be significantly higher by the end of the year Bitcoin (BTC) is predicted to be significantly higher by the end of the year, according to an analyst. The cryptocurrency’s historical price performance has been a significant factor in its current cycle, with analysts predicting a series of bullish events. The

FinanceWorld Markets Review: 6th November 2023 – Oil, Gold, S&P500, Dollar

Oil has been excluded from the global risk rally The US economy has seen a cooling trend, with lower-than-expected nonfarm payrolls, weaker-than-expected wages growth, and an almost two-year high unemployment rate. This has led to optimism in the Federal Reserve’s decision to end hiking interest rates. A 100’000 downside revision to August and September numbers

8th September 2022: Yesterday trading signals are given +10.439%; The fall of the economy of Ukraine 37%; European Central Bank to lift cap on interest rates; How Europe is coping with the energy crisis

Yesterday trading signals are given +10.439% Symbol: ETHUSD; Type: BUY; Open Price: 1517.82; Close Price: 1651.89; Profit: +8.116%. Symbol: USDCHF; Type: SELL; Open Price: 0.9787; Close Price: 0.97634; Profit: +0.241%. Symbol: US500; Type: BUY; Open Price: 4027.72; Close Price: 3980.66; Profit: -1.168%. Symbol: ETHUSD; Type: SELL; Open Price: 1588.5; Close Price: 1536.87; Profit: +3.25%. The […]


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