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Expected Results by: September 2026

150 000

Portfolio return ask Portfolio Expected Value

27 000 USD

Total invested ask Expected Income

13 per year

Annual interest ask Expected Return

Total: 101 447

You need to know:

How to use an investment calculator?

In order to see the approximate result from your trading or investment activities, you need to specify the following data: Investing amount in USD is the amount that is currently available and that can be invested. Monthly recharge in USD is the amount that you can add to your investment portfolio every month. Investing time – the time after which you want to get your expected result. Risk level – the level of risk and return, usually the higher the return, the higher the risk itself.

How does trading differ from investments?

Trading is a daily work that is necessary to make a profit in the financial markets. Trading gives you daily income and in most cases gives you more income than investments. An investment is a long-term purchase of a financial instrument in order to make a profit. Typically, such a financial instrument is bought for a period of 3 months to several years. The average profitability of day trading is 15-20% per month. Whereas the average return on investment is 2-5% per month.

How much can I start trading or investing?

The minimum amount for trading is 10 USD and 100 USD for investment. But in order to make this your main type of income, you need amounts from 10,000 USD for trading and from 100,000 USD for investing.

What risks can I expect?

The main risks are trading and non-trading. Trading risks are associated with the current market situation, which can be influenced by various crises. Non-trading risks are risks that are associated with an incorrectly chosen financial company or bank in which your money will work.

I don’t know how to start.

In order to properly start trading or investment activities, it is better to get advice from professionals. Because in each case, the goals of the milestones are different, as well as the initial possibilities. You can contact us and we will develop a detailed financial plan for you so that you can achieve your financial goals.

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