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We have combined our unique 4 strategies, which we have been trading profitably for decades, while minimizing risks as much as possible. The result is simply amazing!

We are accepting accounts starting from 10,000 USD under our asset management.

All control over your money is yours. You connect your account to our account using the cloud solution that we provide.

Profitability 150% per Annum

hedge fund
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Pay Only For Profit! Profit Fee:

Hedge Fund Live Statistics

Average Profitability:

150% per annum

Average Drawdown:

22% per annum

Current profit


Profit by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD
2019 16.91 15.52 7.22 -5.18 1.42 44.79
2020 3.29 2.62 9.25 2.58 11.24 8.01 9.04 0.17 -0.11 1.74 0.56 17.41 106.92
2021 8.13 -4.68 10.60 -4.35 15.91 12.21 0.03 4.42 1.62 15.27 6.98 -6.00 82.76
2022 32.88 6.94 17.09 9.13 14.82 17.23 15.56 13.24 15.95 -6.47 28.04 1.43 409.03
2023 12.96 25.27 10.02 -3.05 3.60 3.58 -6.91 1.43 1.66 -1.09 13.81 6.32 91.76
2024 5.73 4.97 8.82

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Customer Profitability Calculation


For example, your investment account is 100,000 USD.

Average yield

Our average profitability is 150% per annum.
It is expected that after a year you will have an account of 250,000 USD.

Annual success fee

An annual Hedge Fund success fee at FinanceWorld is 20%. From the profit of 150,000 USD you give 20% and this is 30 000 USD.

Your net profit per year

The net profit you will earn in a year will be. 250,000 – 100,000 – 30,000 = 120,000 USD.

Statistic section

Average Profitability: 150% per annum
Maximum Drawdown: 22.32% per annum
Average Profit/Loss ratio: 5.74

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Expected Results by: September 2026

Portfolio return

775 074 USD

Portfolio expected value

Total invested

398 000 USD

Expected income

Annual interest

120% per year

Expected return

Total: 750 074 USD

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Premium support from our team members

Very competitive profitability in the market

One of the best profit/loss ratios on the market

Monthly reporting

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What is a Hedge Fund and How does it Differ from Traditional Asset Management

Hedge Fund involves hedging risks using several strategies. In our case, we use 4 completely different strategies and approaches to trading in the market. Each strategy has proven to be successful and profitable over the decades. And by putting all this together and reducing the maximum expected drawdown to 20%, we got excellent results with a yield of 150% per annum while maintaining conservative trading.

At the Hedge Fund, we work personally with our clients and each client is assigned a personal investment manager, who, together with the client, develops personal investment goals for a 5-year period.

Yes, sure. The entire history and current status of the hedge fund’s profitability is displayed in the real time chart, which is located at the beginning of this page.

At the moment we are using 4 completely different strategies that do not depend on each other and behave differently in the market. Thus, we have minimized potential risks to conservative ones and are ready to give an expected annual income of 150% per year.

At the moment we are starting to work with investment capital from 100,000 USD. The client himself opens an account with the broker and only he has access to the money. We carry out trading operations on the client’s account and take a percentage of the success for this.

You can find out the full gradation of paid profits for successful account management on this page or the Pricing page. We charge a fee for successful management once a month. Also, once a month we provide the investor with a full report on completed transactions and current profitability.

Yes. The investor has full access to his account and only he owns his money, we only provide trading operations on the client’s account. The client can view the current situation by connecting to his account on the MT4 or MT5 platform.


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