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The Purpose of Creating the Products of FinanceWorld.io

Andrew Borysenko

Andrew Borysenko (check the link on the personal site), the managing director of the company, developed this product. Andrey has extensive successful experience in market trading and creating IT products. Therefore, you can be confident in our product's quality. We invite everyone who strives for stress-free and a community of people who are leaders in this world.

Day-by-day growth thanks to vast experience and unique knowledge.

First of all, we want to welcome you to the community and the Finance Word team! Year after year, we are moving towards the goal of becoming a leading global company in the field of financial asset management.

Our mentality is a win-win interaction between us and our business clients and business partners.

We are building a community of people who are leaders in this world, with whom we will walk for many years and decades together.

For any further questions, book a quick contact with us.

Briefly about our products:

The Hedge Fund and the Copy Trading are one product that is designed for investors with an initial account amount of 25,000 USD. We provide according to the following conditions:

  1. The user pays 95 USD monthly to connect his account
  2. We connect an account from 25,000 USD. Where the user pays from 15% to 20% of the profit.

Trading Signals are designed for traders who like to trade on their own, as well as for stock market investors. allow you to identify excellent opportunities to enter and exit the market. We are providing trading signals for the middle-term using swing trading analysis and short-term using day trading analysis.

Let's dive deeply into our products.

With the advent of advanced technologies, FinanceWorld has introduced a range of innovative products designed to empower individuals and institutions in their pursuit of financial success. Let's delve into how these cutting-edge offerings – Trading Signals, Copy Trading, Hedge Fund, Financial Market Screener, and AI Forecast – work their magic.

1. Trading Signals – Save your tens of hours! Free 14-day membership! We make traders succeed!

FinanceWorld's Trading Signals provide traders and investors with invaluable insights into market trends and potential opportunities. These signals are generated through meticulous analysis of historical data, technical indicators, and market sentiment. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, Trading Signals helps users identify entry and exit points for trades across various asset classes. This real-time information equips traders with a competitive edge to make informed decisions swiftly.


Check out about the 14-day free trial. Click this link.

a) Differences between a PRO account and a regular account.

  • Difference 1 – Ability to see the main index, possible profit, and Take Profit: When you look at the current open positions, you will be blocked from accessing the profit for each instrument. You will not be able to see take profit on the Trading Signals and Community pages.

  • Difference 2 – Instantly receive information about closing a market transaction by email, and push notifications on the web and mobile: With PRO accounts, you will receive instant push notifications about when a deal is closed on any of the instruments you follow. You will definitely receive a closing signal and will not miss the exit point and price reversal. And you also don't need to monitor the schedule; you simply receive a push notification and close the deal with us. Also, if you enable this function for E-Mail, then you will also receive email notifications about the closure of a transaction and you will definitely not miss exiting the market.

signals explainer 2    signals explainer 2b

  • Difference 3 – The feed will also display information on closed orders and you can always go in and check whether you have closed your order or not: With PRO accounts, you will also have access to all closed transactions by time in your feed and you can check whether you missed the closure of any deal.

b) How to activate a PRO subscription. Step-by-step guide.

  • Stage 1: To activate your PRO subscription, you first need to register a personal account and indicate your personal email to which this account will be registered. Or you can optionally use authorization through a account, in which case you will not need to provide an email or password, the system itself will automatically register you using your Google email.

  • Stage 2: After registration, you will be taken to your personal account where the Dashboard panel displays all the information on your current subscriptions. You need to go to the Trading Signals tab where you can choose the most convenient payment method and the most profitable tariff plan. Select a payment provider and click on the selected tariff plan, you will be taken to the purchase page where you need to complete the purchase process and after that, you will be returned to your personal account with an already activated PRO account.

Read this Section – How to choose a payment provider to subscribe to on Trading Signals or Copy Trading

c) How to make the most of your PRO account.

After you have activated Trading Signals, you need to check all the settings so that you receive all notifications of open and closed transactions instantly. Let us remind you that the PRO version also receives instant notification when a market transaction is closed.

  • Stage 1: Allow all notifications for the site in the browsers you use. After permission, you will receive all notifications about the market situation, and opening or closing transactions in your browser on the web and mobile.

  • Stage 2: On your Personal Account, go to the Trading Signals section and make sure that all the settings for you are set correctly.

  • Stage 3: Choose for yourself whether to receive notifications by email or not. And also see that all the trading instruments you are following are selected.

d) How Trading Signals are working.

  • Explanation 1 – Always only 1 order per instrument: Each instrument always has only one order. This means that the order will not be opened until the previous one is closed with a profit or loss.
  • Explanation 2 – Take Profit and Stop Loss: The main feature of our Trading Signals is that closing always occurs at Take Profit, Take Profit itself adapts to the market movement and it can be either profitable or at a loss. This means that if a transaction is closed at Take Profit, it can close with either a profit or a loss. That's why we strongly recommend having a PRO subscription so that you are always aware when a deal is closed.
  • Explanation 3 – Position Volume: Each order calculates the drawdown as a percentage. For example, our for 10 orders in the market requires a 10% drawdown for each of the 10 open orders. You should also assess how forex pairs correlate with each other and how company stocks and indices correlate with each other.

  • Explanation 4 – Under what conditions does Take Profit work?: We analyze multiple timeframes and the main one based on which we make a decision is the D1 timeframe; on H4 we are looking for a point to enter and exit the market. The main indicator that signals that the take profit will now work is the Index. If the Index is greater than 10 for Buy orders, we are signaling that there will soon be an exit from the market, and the value of TP and Possible Profit becomes visible. If the Index has not yet gained sufficient strength to be ready to exit the market, then TP and Possible Profit are painted over faintly and are only half visible. The same is true for SELL orders. The index must be -10 or more in the SELL position.

e) How Take Profit and Stop Loss are generated.

All information is described in detail in the FAQ section on the Trading Signals page. Please follow this link for details – Go To Trading Signals FAQ.

f) How to calculate lot size for Trading Signals.

We recommend calculating the lot according to the potential drawdown. Set the probability of drawdown for the instrument at 10%. Also, keep in mind that trading instruments are correlated with each other and some instruments have similar movements in the market. Also, look at the Trading Signals trading drawdown history. Potentially, during the worst and most abnormal market movements, the total drawdown should not exceed 30% of the current balance.

2. Copy Trading – Just connect with us and grow with us! Most in demand!

Copy Trading is the ultimate solution for those looking to maximize their investment potential. By simply connecting with us, you can tap into the most in-demand trading strategies and grow your portfolio effortlessly. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our thriving community and experience unprecedented success in the financial markets. Copy Trading is revolutionizing the way people invest and trade. With our platform, you can effortlessly connect with top traders and replicate their success in real time. No need for extensive market knowledge or experience – simply follow the experts and watch your investments grow. Join us today and be part of the most sought-after trading community. Don't wait any longer, seize this opportunity to boost your financial growth and achieve your investment goals like never before.

a) How to use Copy Trading and connect your account to us.

Register at https://app.financeworld.io/ then contact us https://financeworld.io/support/ and we will accept your account then connection and payments will continue automatically.

3. – Personal management! The fastest growth of your money!

FinanceWorld's Hedge Fund offers a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios while benefiting from professional management expertise. Managed by seasoned financial experts who employ sophisticated strategies and techniques, this product aims to deliver consistent returns even in volatile markets. The Hedge Fund combines fundamental analysis with advanced quantitative models to identify mispriced securities or arbitrage opportunities across different asset classes.

a) How to become a member of the Hedge Fund and receive privileged services.

Hedge Fund is our premium product. Here we use the most ideas and strategies that have been the best for decades. We have set the maximum possible drawdown at 20% and because each strategy is fundamentally different from the other, we hedge positions and the probability of some kind of strong drawdown is almost exactly 0%. Thus, we have created a highly profitable instrument with conservative risks.

All hedge fund statistics are online and updated every hour. The previous values recorded the equity result at the end of the day, so you can also evaluate the entire trading history.

4. Financial Market Screener – Data from all markets! See the best deals now!

The Financial Market Screener is an indispensable tool for both novice and seasoned investors seeking to filter through vast amounts of financial data efficiently. This product scans multiple markets simultaneously to identify stocks or other assets that meet specific criteria set by users. Whether it's searching for undervalued stocks or high-growth sectors, the screener simplifies the process by providing comprehensive reports on potential based on selected parameters such as price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield, or market capitalization.

a) How the Financial Market Screener is working and how to use it.

Financial Market Screener analyzes the current state of the market and collects data so that traders or investors can make a quick, correct decision. The screener analyzes a trading instrument on 4 timeframes H1, H4, D12, and D1, and shows and, thanks to our unique development, clearly sees REAL overbought or oversold conditions in the market. Strength of values: D1 is the strongest value, and then in descending order H12, H4, H1. If you are a day trader, we recommend that you use H1 for trading and focus on D1 as a signal for the future trend. If the index value exceeds 30, then it begins to be highlighted on the screener. And we recommend paying attention to those tools that stand out from the rest. The higher the index, the stronger the current overbought and oversold conditions. The green color is a signal to buy the instrument. The red color is a signal to sell the instrument.

5. AI Forecast – The most likely future movement of your instrument!

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, FinanceWorld's AI Forecast provides users with predictive analytics to help navigate the complex financial landscape. By analyzing vast amounts of historical data, market patterns, and macroeconomic indicators, this cutting-edge technology generates forecasts for various financial instruments. The AI Forecast adapts and improves over time through machine learning algorithms, continuously refining its predictions to assist investors in making well-informed decisions.

a) How the AI Forecasts are working and how to use them.

We have developed an artificial intelligence system that analyzes past trading history for any instrument and builds the most likely price behavior in the future. In tests, we managed to achieve more than 70% data accuracy. Now we offer it for use by all our users.

You can use it on the Community page or find it in the Tools tab.

6. How to choose a payment provider to subscribe to on Trading Signals or Copy Trading

We currently provide the ability to pay for a subscription to Trading Signals and Copy Trading using the following payment systems.

  • Stripe: Recurring Payments – solution for payment by bank cards and GPay.
  • xMoney: One-Time Payment – solutions for paying with cryptocurrency using Meta Mask and other crypto wallets, you can also pay manually. If you pay with cryptocurrency, we recommend LTC, XRP, BCH, and DASH have the lowest payment fees.
  • Payeer: One-Time Payment – solution for paying with cryptocurrency and other possible methods. If you pay with cryptocurrency, we recommend LTC, XRP, BCH, and DASH have the lowest payment fees.
  • Patreon: Recurring Payments – If none of the methods above suits you, then use – Patreon Payment

If you paid using Patreon, please contact support and we will activate your account.

7. How to use the community page the best off and be an active member of the community.

Become an active member of our community, because we love sharing daily insights. Don't miss out on good deals in the market by following our social networks.

communities soc networks

In addition to daily insights, you will be able to receive the most current updates on trading signals.

On the community page, you can find a graph that shows the previous price movement, and we also developed a unique price prediction system that shows the likely price behavior in the future. AI Forecast's accuracy is over 70% in our tests and works especially well in the . AI Forecast works less plausibly on the stock and index market, but in the near future we will adapt AI Forecast to the stock and index market as well.

past and future price

To switch charts, simply click on a trading instrument in the table.

choose trading instrument

Below is a market screener that signals current potential market entry and exit opportunities.

screener community page

You can find all the detailed statistics in the statistics section by selecting the required period and the required instruments.

statistic community

The profit section by month shows detailed Trading Signals statistics about what profitability was in a given month.

profit community

In the closed orders section, you can check detailed statistics on all past and closed orders for Trading Signals. You can also check whether you have decided to exit the market if you still have an open order that we closed.

closed orders community

Be an active member of our huge community of traders!

Grow Financially With Us: Every trader or investor will find the best product for themselves with FinanceWorld!

These powerful tools empower investors with real-time insights, efficient screening capabilities, professional management services, and intelligent forecasting. By leveraging advanced technologies and expert analysis, FinanceWorld equips its users with a competitive edge in navigating the dynamic world of finance. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock your financial potential with FinanceWorld today!

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