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What subscription options exist

We have 4 subscription options: a monthly subscription for 27 USD, an annual subscription for 195 USD, a 1-day subscription for 2 USD, and subscription that disables advertising for a year for 7 USD.

Can i cancel my subscription

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to your account at any time. Just click on the button on your personal cabinet.

How can i subscribe

In order to subscribe, you need to register a personal account, log in to your personal account, and select the payment method that interests you and choose the subscription plan.

How can i use my subscription

After you subscribe, you can enjoy all the benefits of a subscription and PRO Signals using the iOS and Android applications or by switching to the WEB version of signals.

How can I contact you as a user of the service

You can go to the Contact page and write us a letter. For some time we will answer you. Usually, it is up to 2 hours on workdays.

I dont undestand how to use PRO Signals on iOS, Android or WEB

Please go to FAQ Page and there you can find all necessary information on how to use the APPs or WEB versions.

I have additional questions for which I did not find answers in this FAQ list

In this case, go to the FAQ page and find the question that interests you. There you can also contact our support. The answer is usually up to 2 hours on workdays.

Didn’t find the answers? Write to Support

Write to Support

Did not find the answers? Write to Support