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Best Money Saving App From FinanceWorld

Best Money Saving App From FinanceWorld




To avoid big expenses and save money for a small house somewhere close to the sea, you don’t have to be a greedy person and refuse from the stuff you need. Sometimes it’s enough just to use any money-saving app which FinanceWorld recommends.


This cost-control application supports various currencies and helps you plan a budget. If you make a paid subscription, you can synchronize your banking transactions between multiple devices and classify them automatically.

In addition, the application can create payment templates and shopping lists, export data about your income and expenses in various formats.


It is an application for managing the family budget with a very convenient automatic scanning of checks. The app recognizes the purchased goods and notes how much you spent on it (just use the phone camera). It also recognizes bank text messages money-saving app about the transactions. All this allows you to keep track of debts, loans, deposits, currency exchange almost completely automatically.


Spendee stands out from the rest of the applications with a beautiful interface. It has a convenient UI. Your income and expenses will be presented in the form of a beautiful infographic.


This money-saving app has not only mobile but also PC versions for Windows and Mac.

It is the most sophisticated app on this list: there are about 600 functions in it! There is support for Internet banking, synchronization of trading, and accounting for investments in securities and cryptocurrency, the ability to create reports, etc. It is a full-fledged accounting app.


This application allows you to collect information about all your bank cards in one convenient interface. You will be able to track limits and debts, plan to spend effectively and save money, as well as pay all bills on time. The application has a credit card manager, advanced account filters, and a notification system. There is synchronization with the cloud and export to Excel, OFX, and PDF.

Expense Manager

This money-saving app pleasantly stands out from the rest in that it is completely free. It has no premium features that are not available without a subscription.

Checking all expenses and revenues, it works perfectly. Here, you can visualize all your income and expenses using a calendar or multi-colored diagrams. Finally, in a special section of the application, you can find calculators of currencies, deposits, loans, and tips.

Handy Money

This advanced money-saving app is used to track purchases and money transfers. It is able to recognize bank SMS, automatically recording transactions. There is also a budget planning, payment templates, and automatic updating of currency rates over the Internet. The application widget can show the balance on your account right on the home screen. It is possible to export data and synchronization via Google Drive.


It is an open-source app, which supports any number of accounts and many currencies (you can even create your own in the settings). There are advanced reports, filters, and multi-level categories.


Any comments are superfluous here. It is the coolest stuff, the app to control finances. Yes, it is a little more difficult to understand it than the above applications, where everything is simple. With Excel, you will need to do a little “hands-on”, but the program is remarkable for its versatility.

When Microsoft Office for Excel seems to be too expensive, you can replace it with LibreOffice Calc. It is a simpler but also very good and useful money-saving app.


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