Best Money Saving App

Each one, who cares about earning much, should also care about the money spent. The best money-saving app that FinanceWorld recommends can do it.

Moneywiz 2

This program is useful for those who really have a huge amount of expenses. The application has powerful functionality and you will have to figure it out to get started. In addition to a wide variety of different functions, its distinctive feature is the ability to connect Internet banking. Thus, all expenses on the card will be made to the app automatically, which should make life much easier. In general, the application is essentially the most real accounting.


This money-saving app works without failures and has all the important functions. In particular, you can:

  • Have multiple accounts (for each family member, for example);
  • Work with any currency (the rate is calculated automatically);
  • Build graphics conclusions of information and make histograms;
  • Connect your credit cards and deposits;
  • View reports on any date;
  • Add individual transactions with amounts, recipients, and periodicity.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Availability of a web version for working on a computer;
  • The ability to save the database both on the memory card and in the cloud storage;
  • Convenient creation of automatic payments to account for monthly expenses;
  • Password protection and backup function.

Mobills Budget Planner

This money-saving app offers the following options:

  • You can save data to different services, the cloud, and a memory card to enter from any device;
  • The main screen displays the state of accounts, charts, and reports on transactions, the latest notifications, and data synchronization capabilities;
  • It is possible to attach files and make tags separately, create accounts with specific categories.

Money Lover

This is a functional and fast money-saving app for personal finance and analysis of these operations, fixing income and expenses, as well as budget planning. The main window has tabs with operations for a different period, and you can switch between them using a swipe. The other advantages include the search for ATMs on the map and export to XLS or CSV.

Zen Money

This money-saving app can do the following things:

  • Planning and management of the family budget;
  • Analysis of expenses and revenues with details prior to operations;
  • Expenditure forecast for the future;
  • Debt accounting.

A very important plus of the application is the recognition of text messages from banks and the automatic creation of operations on them. The disadvantages include the imperfect web version, as well as the limitations of the mobile application. Also, if you add a random transaction, it can no longer be deleted.


This is a money-saving app for those who like to plan or are responsible for the money of the whole family. Here you can set a budget for the month or make it joint. On the main page, you can immediately see your current financial status. As usual, there is the possibility of cloud synchronization. A separate plus is the setting of funds limits for individual categories of spending. This is an app for personal finance that will notify you of an imminent cost overrun.

The disadvantages are the absence of multicurrency accounts and similar operations, as well as the impossibility of importing the database into a separate file or another application. The web version is updated less frequently than the mobile version.

Money Manager

This personal finance app is focused on user cost control combined with transaction reports. Synchronization is possible only through the cloud; you can also save data in a table format and transfer it to a memory card. The app has the following features:

  • The main window has tabs for different time periods. The operations reflect the invoice, type, amount, category, and other manually entered information;
  • The app makes it easy to monitor expenses by creating charts. These graphics are clear and colorful;
  • Transactions can be carried out in different currencies.
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