19th July 2022: Yesterday closed orders given +0.573%; The market price of oil is above 100 USD per barrel; The collapse of the cryptocurrency company Celsius Network Ltd; Brief overview of financial assets

Yesterday closed orders given +0.573%

Symbol: EURCHF; Type: BUY; Open Price: 0.99739; Close Price: 0.99222; Profit: -0.518%.
Symbol: NVDA; Type: BUY; Open Price: 154.48; Close Price: 164; Profit: +5.805%.
Symbol: USDCAD; Type: SELL; Open Price: 1.30464; Close Price: 1.29416; Profit: +0.803%.
Symbol: GBPUSD; Type: BUY; Open Price: 1.21177; Close Price: 1.19885; Profit: -1.066%.
Symbol: UKOIL; Type: BUY; Open Price: 104.245; Close Price: 102.455; Profit: -1.717%.
Symbol: USOIL; Type: BUY; Open Price: 104.49; Close Price: 98.391; Profit: -5.837%.
Symbol: UK100; Type: BUY; Open Price: 7065.52; Close Price: 7246.41; Profit: +2.496%.
Symbol: FR40; Type: BUY; Open Price: 5886.82; Close Price: 6100.61; Profit: +3.504%.
Symbol: EURUSD; Type: BUY; Open Price: 1.04425; Close Price: 1.014; Profit: -2.897%.

The market price of oil is above 100 USD per barrel

After making a landmark trip to Saudi Arabia, Biden is now waiting for the benefits of his trip. On Monday, the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil finished at more than $102 per unit. According to Bloomberg, Iraq’s oil minister anticipates that the oil price will remain over $100 for the remainder of the year. According to analysts, the market decline that occurred a week ago was vastly overblown. Since the middle of June, crude prices have been falling as fears about the possibility of a recession have torn through the commodities markets.
According to the forecasts of RBC’s analysts, Saudi Arabia, and a few other suppliers are anticipated to make another minor increase in supplies. After several months of disruptions, Libya worked to get its crude oil exports back up. As a result of delays in crude delivery, South Africa announced a state of “force majeure” regarding the supply of petroleum products.

The collapse of the cryptocurrency company Celsius Network Ltd

The cryptocurrency lending company Celsius Network Ltd. has become the latest victim of a $2 trillion meltdown that has wiped out some of the industry’s most prominent brands. According to the court documents, the corporation had assets worth around $4.3 billion as of Wednesday, compared to liabilities of approximately $5.5 billion. As the price of cryptocurrencies continues to fall, another centralized lender named Babel has also decided to cease withdrawals. Alex Mashinsky, a co-founder of the company, said in a statement that the action would improve the future of the business. The company has submitted a request to be allowed to continue business operations but has not yet started the process of requesting permission to accept withdrawals from customers.
According to blockchain data and tracker Zapper, Celsius has repaid all of its debt in the decentralized applications Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO over the course of the past month. The total amount of this repayment was more than $900 million. It is unknown how much money or what kind of data consumers of Celsius will retrieve. According to its terms of service, how its customers’ digital assets would be handled if the company declares bankruptcy is “unsettled” and “not guaranteed,” which may result in users being classified as unsecured creditors.

A brief overview of financial assets

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index lost even more ground in the last hour of trading after giving up a gain greater than 1 percent. The decline was led by declines in technology and healthcare stocks, with Apple’s share price falling more than 2 percent on its lowest day in over three weeks. Earlier, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. posted earnings that were better-than-expected, which led to a rise in the price of its shares. (Closes) After a rise on Friday, the S&P 500 index has increased by more than 5 percent from its closing low in June. This comes on the heels of fresh predictions that inflation and rate hikes by the Fed may be close to reaching their peaks. The Saudi government’s refusal to provide any assurances on future production increases contributed to a rise in West Texas Intermediate crude price to above $100 per barrel.
Bitcoin surged, reaching a trading price higher than $22,000 for the first time since the beginning of June. (Closed) As of 4 o’clock in the afternoon of New York time, the S&P 500 had down 0.8 percent, the Dow Jones had dropped 0.7 percent, and the MSCI World index had not changed much. According to an article by Paul Nolte, portfolio manager at Kingsview Investment Management, “The key for the markets remains to be the general path of the economy.” The prospect that Russia would cease all of its gas shipments to Europe or significantly restrict those deliveries in the foreseeable future should put markets on alert.

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