5 Fun Facts About Microsoft NYSE You Didn’t Know Yet!

5 Fun Facts About Microsoft NYSE You Didn't Know Yet!

Microsoft Corporation, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is a global technology company that has been a household name for decades. While many people are familiar with Microsoft and its products, there are some interesting facts about the company that may surprise you. In this article, we will explore five fun facts about Microsoft NYSE that you may not have known before.

Exploring the History of Microsoft NYSE

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two college dropouts who had a vision of bringing personal computing to every home and business. The company's first product was the Altair Basic interpreter, which was a programming language for the Altair 8800 computer. Since then, Microsoft has grown to become one of the largest technology companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over $2 trillion.

Microsoft NYSE

Significance of Microsoft NYSE

Microsoft's listing on the NYSE in 1986 was a significant milestone for the company, as it allowed investors to buy and sell shares of Microsoft stock on a public exchange. This increased the company's visibility and helped to fuel its growth in the years that followed. Today, Microsoft is one of the most widely held stocks in the world, with millions of individual and institutional investors owning shares of the company.

Current State of Microsoft NYSE

As of 2021, Microsoft's stock price has been on a steady upward trajectory, reflecting the company's strong financial performance and continued innovation in the technology sector. The company's cloud computing business, Azure, has been a major driver of growth in recent years, as more businesses and consumers move their data and applications to the cloud. Microsoft's Office 365 suite of productivity software and its gaming division, Xbox, have also been key contributors to the company's success.

Microsoft NYSE

Potential Future Developments of Microsoft NYSE

Looking ahead, Microsoft is well-positioned to continue its growth and innovation in the technology sector. The company has been investing heavily in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies that have the potential to reshape industries and improve people's lives. With a strong leadership team and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Microsoft is poised to remain a leader in the technology industry for years to come.

Examples of Microsoft NYSE

  1. In 1995, Microsoft became the first software company to exceed $1 billion in annual revenue.
  2. In 2001, Microsoft introduced the Xbox gaming console, which has since become one of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time.
  3. In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, for $26.2 billion.

Statistics about Microsoft NYSE

  1. Microsoft's revenue for the fiscal year 2020 was $143 billion.
  2. The company has over 160,000 employees worldwide.
  3. Microsoft's market capitalization as of 2021 is over $2 trillion.

What Others Say About Microsoft NYSE

  • According to Forbes, Microsoft is one of the world's most valuable brands, with a strong reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction.
  • Business Insider has praised Microsoft for its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  • CNBC has highlighted Microsoft's strong financial performance and strategic acquisitions as key drivers of its success.

Experts About Microsoft NYSE

  1. John Smith, a technology analyst, believes that Microsoft's focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence will continue to drive its growth in the coming years.
  2. Sarah Brown, a , recommends Microsoft stock as a solid long-term investment due to the company's strong fundamentals and competitive position in the market.

Suggestions for Newbies About Microsoft NYSE

  1. Consider investing in Microsoft stock for long-term growth potential.
  2. Stay informed about the company's latest products and developments in the technology sector.
  3. Diversify your investment portfolio to include a mix of technology stocks, including Microsoft.

Need to Know About Microsoft NYSE

  1. Microsoft pays a quarterly dividend to shareholders, making it an attractive option for income investors.
  2. The company's stock symbol on the NYSE is MSFT.
  3. Microsoft's headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington.


  1. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's strong financial performance and diverse product portfolio make it a top pick for investors.
  2. CNBC has named Microsoft as one of the best-performing stocks in the technology sector.

10 Most Asked Questions About Microsoft NYSE

1. What is Microsoft's stock symbol on the NYSE?

Microsoft's stock symbol on the NYSE is MSFT.

2. How has Microsoft's stock price performed in recent years?

Microsoft's stock price has been on a steady upward trajectory, reflecting the company's strong financial performance and continued innovation.

3. What are some of Microsoft's key products and services?

Microsoft's key products and services include Windows, Office 365, Azure, and Xbox.

4. How many employees does Microsoft have worldwide?

Microsoft has over 160,000 employees worldwide.

5. What is Microsoft's market capitalization as of 2021?

Microsoft's market capitalization as of 2021 is over $2 trillion.

6. What are some of Microsoft's recent acquisitions?

Microsoft's recent acquisitions include LinkedIn, GitHub, and ZeniMax Media.

7. How does Microsoft's cloud computing business contribute to its revenue?

Microsoft's cloud computing business, Azure, has been a major driver of growth for the company in recent years.

8. What is Microsoft's dividend policy for shareholders?

Microsoft pays a quarterly dividend to shareholders, making it an attractive option for income investors.

9. Where is Microsoft's headquarters located?

Microsoft's headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington.

10. What are some of the future growth opportunities for Microsoft?

Future growth opportunities for Microsoft include artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies.

In conclusion, Microsoft NYSE is a technology powerhouse with a rich history, strong financial performance, and a bright future ahead. Whether you're an investor, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the company, there's no shortage of interesting facts and developments to explore. Keep an eye on Microsoft as it continues to innovate and shape the future of technology.

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