Wealth Management

Wealth management service is primarily aimed at preserving existing assets and is especially interesting in times of economic instability.

The service is based on a conservative method of capital management.

IC Center Capital is ready to offer clients the opportunity to work with all types of instruments available in the financial markets.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the main areas of activity for which we are ready to provide our services:

  • financial advice in the field of personal wealth management;
  • legal advice in the field of shareholder law;
  • support of transactions for the acquisition of real estate and land plots;
  • cash management, incl. opening accounts in foreign banks;
  • the ability to operate with instruments with fixed income;
  • provision of a personal asset manager;
  • the ability to own assets in the interests of the client and represent the interests of the client to third parties;
  • search for investment ideas and their implementation
  • Various types of insurance.

Wealth management – this is not only an opportunity to carry out individual, effective personal capital management, but also a service that corresponds to the status of our clients.

Wealth management – 24/7 concept

Wealth management – a concept around the clock, Yuri Pavlov, chief Department for work with VIP-clients of IC “Veles Capital” what are the features of the Wealth management service and its differences from the standard trust asset management?

The wealth management service we provide involves exclusive customer service and building a very close and trusting relationship. Our clients can contact us at any time of the day. Our client has the opportunity to get advice wherever he is. We will coordinate any of our actions with clients – this, by the way, is the difference from traditional trust management. We do not sell them investment ideas and do not spin them into deals. If the situation is favorable, we recommend that you take certain steps to increase your capital. If it’s not time to act, we just talk, meet, talk about beautiful cars and women, drink good wine. In fact, clients are our friends, and friendship is a very personal process and, as they say, is a round-the-clock concept. There are quite a few investment companies on the market,

How to choose a personal finance manager for yourself?

I am not afraid of these words, but there is no Private Banking as such in Russia. In its classic form, this service can be found in Switzerland, but for it to appear in Russia, we need at least 50, or better 100 years of Swiss tranquility. Clients live, as they say, “in two houses”. In Switzerland, they keep assets in order not to lose, and in emerging markets, they plant money in order to get high returns. Our task is to provide the client with impeccable service. And, of course, complete confidentiality. The company has created a special client area with a separate entrance, where visitors meet with their personal managers and consultants.

What other benefits are your customers enjoying?

In large companies, there is a queue of clients who are ranked by the amount of invested funds, and if it happens in the market, managers call from a long list, so the person who will not be contacted in the first place risks being late in making a decision. We are opposed to conveyor services. We have a narrow circle of wealthy clients. We are not chasing quantity, so our clients receive more warmth and better service from us.

Another plus – we offer our clients only the best because we do not have our own portfolio, that is, our own interests. We only act in the best interests of the client.

In any large investment bank, a meeting is held every morning about the securities recommended for sale. There is a weekly meeting where the results of who earned how much are summed up. Accordingly, they may say to you: “Look, you have a plan, you have to do this much.” The plan doesn’t dominate me. My main goal is for clients to make a profit, I do not need to worry about volumes.

We also differ from other companies in that we have a small division and there are no global costs for a pretentious office and the maintenance of a large number of staff. And we are more mobile – we have one trader able to earn more for clients than a company with 20 employees.

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