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The Internet has long been filled with advertisements for a variety of training, courses, and seminars that promise 100% effective training in trading from scratch, regardless of gender, age, education, and ability.

We will not talk about specific companies, but just take a sober look at learning to trade, how and where to start, and how best to learn.

Do you need training in trading and why it does not always work

The problem is not in learning how to trade as such – it is necessary for beginners, otherwise, how to understand the meaning of the terms, correctly open and close deals, when to enter and exit the market, etc.

The problem lies in false statements when the acquisition of theoretical knowledge is tied to success in the financial markets and put an equal sign between them: “if you drain deposit after deposit, take our mega course and after that, you will be guaranteed to withdraw profit pay-by-pay” and many believe this.

Education has long been a business, like many other things in this world, amid growing interest in financial markets, Forex trading training is selling well and is a profitable product.

A lot of different people come to the financial markets with different levels of training and individual qualities, not all of them can become professional traders, because, as you know, only 5% of traders regularly earn money, and the remaining 95% suffer losses or work at 0, and this the percentage almost never changes. There is only one way to understand whether you are in this 5% – in a practical way.

The reason is also that many of 95%, in reality, do not want to understand the reasons for their failures, and they almost always do not depend on theoretical knowledge.

Most of the successful stock speculators of the 18th, 19th, and even the beginning of the 20th century had no education.

Introspection and self-criticism are not common to everyone. Having drained another deposit, such traders, instead of identifying and admitting their mistakes, blame everything and everyone.

Before you start learning to trade, you need to understand that not much depends on learning, but it is necessary.

How to start learning to trade

How to start learning to trade? There is no consensus on this matter. If a person wants to figure out how to start learning to trade, he can use one of the following methods:

  1. Examine books about stock trading
  2. Visit courses
  3. Monitoring the trading of successful traders
  4. Make deals on your own and learn from your mistakes

If a person wants to learn how to trade, experts advise not to concentrate all attention only on books and courses for beginners, but to study trading in the market, watching professionals and gaining experience. The theory without the practice of making transactions cannot guarantee income.

Can I learn to trade on my own?

Statistics show that most traders enter the market without a specialized education. This is due to the fact that today the Forex currency exchange allows almost everyone to try their hand at trading. Having neither experience nor knowledge, a person begins to lose money. At this moment, he realizes that a trader is a serious profession that requires some training.

However, not all persons who have just come to the market can find a person who is ready to explain the basics of making deals. For this reason, the question arises: can you learn how to trade yourself?

Free training in trading is possible. All information related to the conclusion of transactions on Forex is freely available on the Internet. There are no secrets that only trading gurus know. Using the search, a person will be able to find all the answers to emerging questions on their own. It is important not only to have information but also to be able to use it competently.

Trading is a profession that requires a certain level of intellectual development. It will be more difficult for a person who is unable to organize their training on their own to quickly respond to a rapidly changing market and make the right decision.

How and what to learn

Is it possible to learn how to trade yourself – of course, it is possible and necessary, especially since nowadays there are all conditions for this.

Books and biographies of famous traders, such as:

  • John Arnold
  • Nassim Taleb
  • John Bollinger
  • Thomas DeMark
  • Cynthia Case Secrets
  • How Peter Lynch is replaying Wall Street
  • How Edward Seykota changed the world of traders
  • Linda Raschke’s exchange secrets
  • Richard Dennis and his tortoise method
  • Larry Williams – Biography, Books & Indicators
  • Bill Williams is a legendary trader
  • Trader Bill Lipschutz

By the way, biographies of the most profitable traders show that they learned to trade on their own.

If you are a complete newbie, start with the basics, learn the terms, what is a trend, indicators, a trading terminal, who is a bull, bear, a trader, what is the difference between a broker and a dealer, etc.

You can read Forex books:

  • Nassim Taleb – Black Swan
  • Market Mages – Jack Schwager
  • Jack Schwager – Technical Analysis Complete Course
  • Small Trader’s Encyclopedia – Eric Nyman
  • Tony Turner. Short-term trading in the stock market
  • Tony Turner – Online Day Trading
  • Short Term Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

However, without real practice, there will be very little benefit, so it is advisable to start trading in parallel. To do this, you can open an account with a reliable broker.

Therefore, before you learn how to trade and go to expensive courses, you need to understand that you can get this information on your own, just for this you yourself will need to review different videos, re-read different books. Try to work out the techniques and strategies described there on your trading account, along the way, over time, you yourself will understand which type of market analysis is closer to you (technical or fundamental), which trading style is more suitable (scalping, intraday, medium-term, long-term positional trading), which assets you like to trade, and at what time of day.

Everyone chooses for himself where to learn trading will be better for him: at home in front of books and a trading terminal or in the auditorium of a business school, the main thing is not to forget to pay attention to such important things as psychology and risk management.

Most coaches and course creators care little about the result that the student will receive, the main thing for them is to make money, which is important to always remember, but this does not mean that you do not need to learn, it is just that, like everything, you need to approach trading from scratch wisely …


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