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9 tips for beginner traders

The trading business is a pre-requisite business that requires you to spend money. To make money, it is necessary to maintain a rational approach to the market. Below there are some tips for traders who are ready to dive into the head-to-head – as well, the main attention is paid to maintaining the power supply

  1. Don't be quick to trade

The market will exist in the morning, next week, next year, and next decade. Do not worry about the fact that, while you are trading on a demo account without real money, you can miss the movement that falls out of your life. There will be opportunities everywhere – you don't lose anything by investing your time in education and preparation.

  1. Don't bargain for no reason

When you finally start trading, don't just talk because you feel you should do it, or because of boredom, or when driving. See with your money, only when you see the facts,

  1. Watch out for paternal success

A sprinkle of successful trades at the beginning of your quarry is unlikely to be anything but unlikely. This is one of those little jokes that the market plays with us – at the very beginning, we knock off a few good deals and ask to make sure to keep in mind. They say that they bring newcomers, and this applies to the trader as well as everything else, therefore, do not become too self-confident. Many third-party traders who lost money at the beginning of their quarry are thankful for this lesson – in the reverse – because he gave them a realistic view of the problem and the warmth. But, even with experience, it is difficult to cope with the ups and downs that come along with the bars of winnings and losses. The trader that skips the streak of luck, sometimes unnecessarily increases the size of your trade – just like before a big, big deal

  1. Work by yourself, think by yourself

“The essence of knowledge is inexperience, and the essence of experience is in reality”, this phrase laconically describes more of what is involved in the ability to trade. Our culture, up to a certain stage, teaches us to think that for every problem or need there is a product, medicine, or service that we want to buy. The study of the work of other people is part of the education of the trader, and there are many common ideas that are used by computers to be able to There are no short paths. This system works, and when it can fail. Such confidence in the trade idea takes place, as a rule, after you yourself perform all the work and understand the concept from its very foundations. Use ideas that you understand and that have meaning for you. Such confidence in the trade idea takes place, as a rule, after you yourself perform all the work and understand the concept from its very foundations. Use ideas that you understand and that have meaning for you. Such confidence in the trade idea takes place, as a rule, after you yourself perform all the work and understand the concept from its very foundations. Use ideas that you understand and that have meaning for you.

  1. If something seems to be too good to be true, probably, so it is

Be it a trading system, “correct” information, or an indicator, anything that promises a lot of money and/or practicality of no risk should be avoided. There are no short routes in trade – this is a difficult business, which does not turn out to be on the teeth of many well-groomed and advanced professionals from other countries. There is no such thing as a , which brings success 95% of the time, allows you to work a six-fold amount for a month, and make a loss. Be a skeptic. Be sure to confirm every trade idea that interests you, including those you think about.

  1. Explore trading ideas that you can research and test

Unclear shopping ideas – for example, “Buy when the market is sold out and sell when you have a good profit in your hands” – give you unnecessary results. The focus is on turning market observations and hypotheses into specific rules that you can check on past price data. For example, what is meant by the word “old”? It can mean everything that pleases. An example of an objective rule might be the following: when the market reaches lower lows and lower closing prices for five days in a row. It will turn out to be a good purchase signal or not – a question that you should answer objectively with the help of research and testing.

  1. Watch the log of transactions and regularly study the results of your work 

  1. Be patient

In any case, trading in the Finnish markets is not as easy as it can seem from the beginning. It takes time to practice any discipline or profession. Can you expect to become a good musician, doctor, or engineer in one year? In addition to the current period of study, trading is also a profession – as opposed to music, medicine, or law – in which, on any given day, you can “Salary” is not guaranteed here. Success is given by hard work. Some traders work for years without a profit, before, at last, they stand on their feet. Remember that the markets will not run away from you.

  1. Have adequate capital

Inadequate capitalization leads to the death of most new enterprises, and trading in the financial markets is not an exclusion. Lack of sufficient money for trade will make every second item in this list questionable. Also, when you start trading, do it at the capital level even more conservatively than your predicted minimum. Then slowly increase the size of your transactions. If you listen to these tips, your trading on the stock exchange will improve significantly faster. Each of these points is important, but only in combination, they are able to bring your trade to a high professional level. The main thing is not to be afraid to develop, to achieve new things and then you will definitely get everything!

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