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Best Budget App

Best Budget App




Rich people can not only earn — they can control their income and expenses using budget apps recommended by FinanceWorld. Here are the best of them.


To escape large expenses you can install this budget app, you can save to a house even. To do this, it is enough to specify the amount of your income and mark the sums you spend daily. All costs can be divided into several cards: work, family, travel, and so on. This application has an extremely high entry threshold for beginners, but if you can figure it out, you’ll get a convenient financial planner.


  • It does not require registration and access to the Internet;
  • It is possible to select icons for manually created expense categories.


  •  Overloaded, not friendly to beginners;
  • Acquaintance with new functions happens completely by chance.

M8 – my money. My way

Scoring your expenses here, you will find out which stuff costs you the most, and also understand that all the insignificant expenses cost too much.


  • On the pie chart you can clearly see what you spend most of your income on;
  • Minimalist functionality, no unnecessary buttons.


  • You cannot select icons for additionally created categories.
  • There is no option to specify charges for the previous month.
  • You see only the amount of your expenses.

Money – Emoticon

    This budget app has a visualization of expenses in the form of two columns. Indicating your quarterly income and noting expenses on a daily basis, you will observe a scale of expenses in the right column and a cash balance in the left column.


    • A good visualization of expenses, clearly showing the state of affairs in your wallet;
    • You can see your financial situation: very good, good, not bad or bad;
    • After adding a new spending line, it automatically joins the tag cloud that pops up on each set. If desired, they can be removed in the settings.


    •  The general diagram does not display the types of income and expenses.

    Money care

    This budget app is created for accountants and just big money lovers, ready to recalculate their income every free minute. If you are not afraid to sacrifice your time and conveniences for the sake of cost accounting, then use this app.


    •  To ensure that your records are not lost, the application provides the ability to send a backup copy of the file to the mail, Dropbox, or Google Drive;
    • There is a hint system for a newbie;
    • All transactions can be divided into several accounts;
    • You have three indicators at hand: income, costs, and balance;
    • All information about your income and expenses can be exported to Excel and sent by email.


    • The too complicated and long process of adding revenues and expenses;
    • Very small menu items — to get to the right buttons, you need to have very thin fingers.

    Daily Budget

    This budget app will help you calculate the number of your daily expenses. To start a cost containment operation, you need to add there your monthly income, designate the amount of standard monthly expenses, and indicate the percentage of the total income that you want to save in the piggy bank.


    •  The app provides reminders for recording expenses;
    • To each expense, you can add a comment that justifies your extravagance.


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    The most unpleasant feature of income is that it can turn into expenses quickly. Moni will simply track costs and you will get more than spend.


    • PIN code protects the app;
    • The app has tips for beginners.


    • No special icons for different types of expenses.


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