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for instruments on the (forex signal) are determined as a result of within the framework of a created by a trader.

Forex market signals can be generated manually by a trader, or they can be generated automatically after programming the necessary parameters and conditions in the trading terminal or on any other platform.

Any good trading signal should contain:

  • The name of the instrument by which the signal was generated;
  • Operation direction (buy, sell) or the name of a pending order;
  • Trade entry-level (price);
  • Stop-loss level (limiting losses);
  • Take-profit level (profit fixing level);
  • a description of the causes of the signal, on the basis of which a conclusion is made about its appearance. Additional possible profit targets may be indicated (the first target is usually the most conservative estimate);
  • graphic explanation of the signal with the applied technical analysis method.

It is important to see the description and graphic explanation in order to understand the reasons for generating a signal, to analyze whether it can be used. Additional profit targets can also be a good hint for earning additional income from trade.

Types of Forex Trading Signals

Forex signals can be long term, medium-term and short term. This is a conditional division based on which timeframe (30-minute, hourly, 4-hour, daily, weekly, or monthly) the signal is generated. The older the timeframe, the more reliable the signal. Minute timeframes contain numerous market noises and may therefore be less reliable. In addition, it is highly desirable that the signals are confirmed by several proven methods and indicators, which is difficult to do in short-term periods.

Signals can be generated automatically according to parameters preset in the algorithm or manually when several indicators or setups are analyzed, strong support/resistance levels are checked, candlestick combinations, option levels are studied, positions of large players are revealed, etc. Each trader defines for himself a set of indicators and information sufficient to consider the resulting signal as a real Forex signal.

Disadvantages of ready-made Forex trading signals

Signals are generated based on an algorithm developed by a specific trader for a specific trading system. They usually do not take into account either the size of the deposit or the trading strategy and preferences of another trader who may use them. Technical analysis by itself does not guarantee 100% signal reliability and is just a hint for self-comprehension. Analysis of additional parameters, for example, as a result of options analysis, can show other stop-loss and take-profit levels and will allow you to make a more reliable deal. Important news during the publication period can cause a strong movement in the price of an asset, canceling the previously received signal.

You need to be especially careful when using third-party trading signals with a small deposit level.

It is necessary to carefully weigh your risks, to comply with the requirements for specifically for your conditions. Only after making sure that the parameters of the signal do not contradict these conditions, it can be considered for use.

Therefore, it is important to independently analyze Forex trading signals based on your own technical or other analysis methods. In any case, third-party trading signals should be approached critically.

With extreme caution, you should use third-party trading signals when connecting advisors and automated trading based on such signals. Even if you consider the signal provider to be reliable, be sure to limit the level of risk (the percentage of the deposit that can be used to trade based on automated signals).

Duration of Forex Trading Signals

Real Forex signals always have a limited duration. However, it is rather difficult to predict in advance when this or that signal will be realized. In general, we can say that the lower the timeframe on which the signal is analyzed and generated, the faster the signal can be realized or canceled.

With scalping, signals can appear for a very short period of time. Therefore, they are usually very simple and do not require a comprehensive analysis. Profit is achieved by completing a large number of transactions and the volume of these transactions. The volume of the transaction also plays a significant role in strategies aimed at making a small profit in points on a specific instrument in a short period of time.

At the same time, if a trader adheres to a conservative strategy, then the signal should be rechecked in terms of various factors and systems that will reasonably indicate the most probable points of entry and exit from the transaction.

TeleTrade trading signals

Analysts of the TeleTrade group of companies publish trading signals for clients based on various analysis methods. At the same time, they independently use similar signals to make deals. That is, the company's customers can be sure that the signals supplied to them are generated manually after thorough analysis. Despite the high reliability, even these signals may not be applicable to the trading conditions of a particular trader and do not guarantee 100% reliability when making transactions. Trading signals are delivered to the company's clients through their personal accounts and become available when subscribing to the corresponding analytical service.

In addition, TeleTrade analysts share their trading ideas in daily programs available to anyone on the company's official Youtube channel. Deals are subject to technical analysis, recommendations are given for their execution, including specific entry levels and profit targets. Analysts demonstrate their actually open trades and orders, which are placed on the basis of the trading signals generated by them.

Forex trading signals from Teletrade is a service that allows users of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal to receive information regarding the timely closing and opening of positions in the Forex market.

Currently, this service has become widespread among Forex traders. Forex signals give the trader hints: for which currency pair and at what price it is better to carry out the operation when to close the position, etc. As a result, the trader has the opportunity to get the maximum result with minimum labor costs.

The use of Forex trading signals gives market newcomers the opportunity to receive information on specific transactions. In particular, this allows you to reduce the influence of psychological factors that influence decision-making, as well as gain experience in Forex trading.

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