Who is a trader

The trader is engaged in capital management in the international financial markets in order to make a profit. The essence of this profession is to buy currencies, stocks, or other assets at one price and then resell them at a higher price. His income in this case is the sum of the difference in the value of assets.

A trader's career can develop in two directions – working in financial markets with your own capital or working in an investment company and managing the capital of other people.

One of the main working tools of a modern trader is a computer with a set of necessary software (trading terminal) and access to the Internet. However, the main working tool is his intellect, because trading is exactly the business in which you can realize your full potential and earn money by turning your knowledge into money.

Trading is an honest business, the results of which cannot be manipulated, because the only result is the profit made, the availability of which is entirely up to you. In financial markets there is no concept of “maximum income” – here everything is individual and depends only on the goals, level of training, and personal qualities of the trader.

If you like to analyze and predict, trust your intuition, and want to learn how to make money with your own intellect, a trader is an ideal profession for you!

Benefits of being a trader

What is the main advantage of being a trader? First of all, the feeling of freedom and independence that this field of activity gives. A trader's vacancy may interest those who do not want to be tied to a specific place and work schedule, your time will belong only to you.

In addition, the uniqueness of a trader's career lies in the fact that it not only allows you to withstand the consequences of economic crises but also to use them for your own earnings.

A job as a trader in financial markets at TeleTrade is not only highly paid and prestigious but also a dynamic and exciting profession. In order for this field of activity to be profitable, a trader must constantly keep his finger on the pulse of the world economy, monitor significant events that occur in the world, and correctly interpret them.

If there is no experience

The trader makes all decisions independently, relying on his own knowledge and experience. That is why, before starting a career, it is advisable to take a specialized training course in the basics of exchange trading, hone your skills and your own trading system on a demo account, and only after that apply for a trader's vacancy. Anyone can undergo specialized education and training at TeleTrade. The best of our students have the opportunity to be employed by the company on favorable terms. We need talented traders and we are always glad to cooperate.

Working as a trader in the financial market

World financial markets open up great prospects for every person, and with the development of Internet technologies, this field of activity has become available to everyone. One of the most highly profitable and popular professions of our days, associated with making a profit on world exchanges, is the profession of a trader.

The emergence of financial markets led to the emergence of a new profession called “trader”. A trader (English trader) or a trader (from English to trade, i.e. to trade) is a financial market participant who performs purchase and sale operations with the sole purpose of attracting profits. He trades either using his own funds or as an official representative of his client (investor).

What is the job of a trader?

A trader's job is to carry out trading operations, the purpose of which is to generate income. The trader sells or buys securities, currencies, bonds, and stocks. A trader needs to analyze the incoming information very carefully, as well as be able to react in time to manifest changes. Also, discipline is one of the important factors in the success of purchase and sale transactions.

Professional traders and amateur traders

What is the money market?

The money market is a market for super-liquid low-interest short-term debt obligations. The money market is an integral part of the debt market …

Professional traders include those who have received the appropriate economic and/or financial education, as well as those who work in investment funds, think tanks, banks, and brokerage firms. There are also professional traders who trade their own assets while making good money for their living.

Amateur traders are the largest and most diverse group. The category of these people has a different level of education, outlook on life, and interests, but one thing they definitely have in common is their interest in trading in financial markets.

As a rule, trading in financial markets is only a hobby for such traders and not the main activity. However, the majority of amateurs, having received sufficient experience and education, soon become professional traders and enter the world of finance for a long time.

Trading approaches

Each trader has his own view of the market and the situation, therefore, the following groups are distinguished by the method of analyzing the trading situation in the market, as well as by the duration of the transactions made:

  • a long-term investor makes transactions lasting up to several years; relies on global indicators and trends
  • a short-term investor can make up to several trades per year
  • the position trader adheres to a relatively long-term ; trades made last up to several days, sometimes fixing profits during a decrease in market activity (during vacations and holidays)
  • day trader (from the English day trader, i.e. day trader) – a trader who performs trading operations within the day (during one trading session); usually these traders have little capital to trade, so positions are not held for long
  • a scalper adheres to a trade in which transactions are performed in a very short period of time (from a few seconds to ten minutes) trade is characterized by a large number of transactions, the performance of which is not always positive; this type of trader always has to be at the monitor to find suitable trades.
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