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Top 10 Finance Podcasts

Top 10 Finance Podcasts




Podcasts are experiencing a rebirth. They have become even more accessible, thanks to them you can learn new things anywhere: in the morning in the bathroom, on the way to work or while playing sports. Finance podcasts have also found their auditorium.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a radio program that appeared in the iPod era. Owners of Apple’s players subscribed to podcasts, and when they connected the player to the computer, they got new releases to their devices. With the advent of high-speed mobile Internet, podcasts are listened to not only to the players but also from phones and tablets based on iOS, Android, and Windows. The difference between classical radio programs is no need to listen at a specific time. You can listen to them when it is convenient. FinanceWorld experts are sure: if you are interested in the content which refers to marketing, trading, investments, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, choose a finance podcast that you like. You can even download it and listen later.

Why are podcasts experiencing rebirth?

First, now you don’t need to connect your player to a computer to listen to the new release of your favorite podcast. Download the podcast quickly and without wires.

Secondly, podcasts have become more accessible. If in 2006 the iPod was a rarity, then now, the majority already have a modern phone or tablet.

Third, podcasts help to develop certain skills, abilities, help to get knowledge. With the modern rhythm of life, we want to develop, but it is not always convenient to read. There are plenty of opportunities to listen to podcasts — in the morning in the bathroom, on the way to work, while playing sports. Traders and investors are very busy people, and they simply do not have a single free minute to open the book they need. Additionally, these books on the topics that interest them, appear late. This, they pick the best finance podcast and get all the information (personalized sure, as each podcast is the personal point of view of its author).

They can listen to their favorite finance podcast doing sports — when running or cycling. Follow this habit of people, who are seeking for the best methods to know more. Just adjust the volume so that you can hear the outside world. You can insert a headphone into one ear, unlike music in podcasts, the stereo effect is not so important.

How to listen to podcasts?

Traditionally, you can listen to a finance podcast on iOS, through the native Podcasts application or using the excellent OverCast application.

On Android, podcasts on the Google Play Store are available only in some countries. However, here, you can use Pocket Casts or CastBox.

On the computer, a finance podcast can be listened to using iTunes or directly on the authors’ sites.

Top 10 finance podcasts

In case, you are eager to stay up to date with the latest event on the stock and crypto markets, hear the point of view of the main economists of different countries towards different things that interest you, these podcasts will help you.

Bloomberg Surveillance

The guys, who create these podcasts, talk with the well-known economics, traders, and people, who made millions on investments.

Meb Faber Show

 The host of it discusses the situation around the markets and real assets.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

The global economy is discussed here.

Financial Times – Banking Weekly

Here, you will listen to the stories about the largest banks.

Morgan Stanley Ideas

Are you interested in business? Then listen to this content!

Motley Fool Money

Listen to the interviews or popular businessmen, discuss the situation around the stock markets, etc.

Financial Modeling

The guests of the host of this finance podcast are mostly experts in finances.

Bloomberg P&L

 The Wall Street events are discussed here.

Bloomberg Masters in Business

Here, people share their opinions about markets and business.

Russell Investments

Listen to it and learn more about investment strategies.


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