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Top 10 Finance Jobs

Top 10 Finance Jobs




The last decade has given a rich increase in the list of professions, especially in finance jobs. The crisis has not reduced the demand in the labor market, which cannot yet satisfy this demand. Let’s try to find out what this is connected with by the example of a dozen of the most popular professions today. The purpose of their work is financial flows, cash operations, and virtual cashless payments, analysis of financial indicators, assessment and forecast of favorable and not very favorable situations in the financial and resource markets of their threats and upcoming opportunities. Finance World wants to mark the following finance jobs.

Economic Professions – finance jobs

The types of economic professions are so diverse and extensive that it is almost impossible to list them since economics is the basis of the life of a society. This is the way the world works that it cannot exist without basic financial relations and therefore professions connected with economic or monetary manipulations, in other words, experts in the field of financial and economic relations will be in demand. So, these are the most popular finance jobs now:

1. Audit specialists

An audit is the implementation of an audit of accounting documentation, an assessment of the financial activities of an enterprise or organization, and consulting clients on issues of high-quality accounting support of enterprises.

2. Accounting and analysis

Even the smallest company this profession, because according to the law, it is necessary to keep records of a business transaction that has taken place, to monitor the financial situation, pay taxes, and have constant contact with the management of finance.

3. Marketing Specialists

They have the organizational functions of the processes associated with the creation, promotion, and sale of goods or services with the greatest benefit to the enterprise or organization. This is one of the most prestigious finance jobs.

4. Financial Manager

He is engaged in the formation of financial resources and their distribution.

5. Economist

All those who have received a financial profession, are often now called economists, and, on the contrary, those who have an economic education are referred to as financial professions. However, the financial economist is a specialist in a theoretical analysis of a wide range of issues that are related to cash flows.

6. Sales Manager

This specialist is a person, who manages the sales of goods or services. It is one of the most needed finance jobs.

7. Securities Market Specialists

This area needs basic economic education, as well as knowledge related to the world of equity. Brokers are intermediaries between the seller and the buyer of securities. Dealers are actually those who make deals, moreover, they use their own financial resources for this and work on their own behalf. Receiving a request from a broker for the purchase and sale of various kinds of securities, the dealer needs to find a balance between supply and demand, and most profitably sell shares. This specialist works in conditions of constant lack of time and information. The dealer is guided by his own intuition and knowledge, experience in this area of economic relations.

8. Crowdfunding specialist

Crowdfunding is a collection of money for a business or a social project by attracting the finances of other persons and organizations. Representatives of the profession are engaged in organizing crowdfunding platforms, carry out inspection and project preparation, and also advise companies or individuals on issues related to this type of financing.

9. Commercial Director

This is a specialist who deals with the sale of goods and services that the company produces. The purpose of his activities is to maximize profits and conclude long-term contracts. He must know everything about the demand for goods, search consumers contact them. The commercial director takes care of reducing costs, working with personnel.

10. Marketer

This person performs market research. He helps to understand what it is better to produce. The marketer creates the so-called “image of the goods”, attractive to the consumer. They also deal with packaging and all product information.


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