How To Make Money

18 ways to make money without getting a job

Very often, many of us do not have enough money. And then the question arises, where can we get them?

Get a job, take a loan or borrow from friends. Everything! This is where the fantasy ends for many.

Here I decided to figure out and write several ways how to make money, besides working for hire with a salary. I tested most of these methods on myself and I can say for sure that they work.


  1. Selling someone else’s services. About 5 years ago I painted portraits to order from a photo, then I got tired of it. And I found an artist, gave her orders, and took 20% for it. There are a lot of options for earning money.
  2. Network marketing. Now the choice of a network company should be approached very carefully. There are many firms that breed gullible people in search of earnings. But there are also real companies that honestly fulfill their conditions. A big plus, apart from earning money, is training. In many network companies, training for its representatives is free.
  3. Traffic arbitration. If you are not familiar with advertising and you do not have a resource with a lot of traffic, this method will be difficult for you. The whole point is that you need to attract people to follow your referral link. If a person follows the link and makes purchases, you will receive money. There are several types of arbitration – registration fee, migration fee, and purchase fee. There are specialized platforms for arbitration.
  4. Make something with your own hands. I have a friend who is engaged in the manufacture of excellent frames and volumetric inscriptions from wood. This activity brings him pleasure and a good income.
  5. Provide services that you understand. For example, repair computers, install a program or translate text from a foreign language, etc. Then you can make a real business out of this. Build a system and hire employees to perform these services.
  6. Invest in real business. Now there are many start-up companies that need investment for development. This method will allow you to get from 30 to 100% on your investment, however, the risk of losing your investment is also high.
  7. Trading in the foreign exchange market, with sufficient study, can make good money. But be prepared for routine computer work. This may seem boring to some. This is probably why I gave up this activity.
  8. Investing in PAMM accounts, Shares, Bonds, mutual funds, etc. Before investing your money, be sure to figure out how you will get it back. Be careful.
  9. Buy property and rent it out. Not for everyone.
  10. Rent an apartment for a long time and rent it out by the day. Only here is a very important point – if you do it, then in white. That is so that the owners of the apartment would know about this business.
  11. Buy a car and rent it. It can be either a truck or a car. Or special. equipment.
  12. Organize holidays and celebrations. The topic is very extensive, who is interested – go for it!
  13. Create an online store. Lately, many are going into this area. But I cannot say how profitable it is. However, there are people who have made great strides in this.
  14. Conduct paid consultations on a topic in which you understand better than others. The profession of a mentor who offers people a way to solve their problems is a calling and real serious work. This is exactly the profession that kindles the fire in me. So if you have any business questions, feel free to contact me.
  15. Earn your talents. If you dance/sing/paint well, you can sell it. Anyone has talent. Even if you think that there is nothing special about you, you still know how to do something better than others. Just think what it might be.
  16. Help sell things for% to those who cannot do it themselves. For example, a car or a special. equipment in the village of my grandfather, who does not know how to use the Internet. Finding people willing to sell something is not difficult. Then simply advertise the sale on free message boards and process the requests.
  17. Services for freelancers. There are tasks for which you do not need to have any special skills, talents, or knowledge. You just need to spend your time doing them. For example, retype the text from audio notes. Other people are willing to pay for it. Here are the services on which you can find such orders: http://freelance.ru/ https://www.fl.ru/ http://work-zilla.com/
  18. It is cheaper to buy goods and sell more expensive. The classic rule of speculation. Find a product for which there is a demand, find out where this product can be bought cheaper than it is sold on the market. Perhaps it will be a manufacturer or a wholesale supplier. And then think about sales, where this product can be profitably sold.

There are many other options for how to make money. If you have your own way of making money legally, write it in the comments to this post.

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