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Fresh Forecast – Free daily reviews and forecasts from the best experts. and analytics in TELEGRAM – analytics and market reviews in the FreshForex Telegram channel. The subscription includes direct recommendations for opening deals.


InstaForex Chief Strategist – daily forecasts for EUR / USD and other instruments from InstaForex Chief Analyst – Dina Leo.

Pattern Graphix is ​​a graphical indicator for identifying patterns on charts.

InstaForex TV is a full-format Forex TV. , video market reviews, video interviews, and much more life.


The RoboForex Analytics Center is a large analytical portal that includes – a feed of reviews with recommendations, technical analysis trading signals, video analytics, a calendar of economic events, a chat with an analyst.

Free unlimited access for RoboForex clients.

Mobile application for Android and iOS.


The analytical portal is one of the best analytical portal in the Forex industry, which contains the maximum set of existing opportunities for market analysis and receiving signals for – a news feed with detailed reviews, an economic calendar with forecasts, daily video analytics, signals for major indicators and oscillators. and many other tools.

Signal spectrum – Buy actively, buy, wait, sell, sell actively.

The analytical portal is free and available in the 's personal account after registering an account.


Trading Central Trading Signals

Trading Central Analytics – Daily technical analysis of the ten major Forex currency pairs. Analytics is available for free in the trader's personal account in the Analytics section.

Forex WebTV – live and recorded video feed from the New York Stock Exchange.


AutoChartist – free trading signals for verified clients.

Forex Analytics – free analytical sources available in the Personal Account, including access to forecasts from Trading Central.


Autochartist – Get free trading signals using a web app or a set of indicators.


Free signals – daily trading signals from technical analyst Avramis Despotis – signals to enter the market, placement of take-profit and stop-loss levels. Signals for 10 currency pairs are delivered twice a day (for real account holders).


Pattern Graphix is ​​a free add-on for the SuperForex MT4 trading terminal. The program automatically recognizes and informs about the occurrence of and technical analysis figures on the charts of trading instruments.

Signals for trading binary options


Trading signals– free trading signals for instruments from professional traders. More than 200 signals per day.


One of the ways to trade profitably is the ability to receive signals to open trades at the right time – the so-called market entry points.

The main sources for receiving signals are various online services that process the data on the movement charts of trading instruments and issue recommendations for opening deals. The main services are Autochartist and Trading Central systems, as well as Claws & Horns.

Some Forex brokers and binary options brokers provide the ability to receive signals by e-mail or SMS.

Free Forex signals from trading guru Avramis Despotis

Unlimited access for real account holders

If you are the owner of a real trading account, you are provided with free and unlimited access to the portal of trading signals in your Personal Account. You can download the analysis of market instruments for both the current and the previous date at any time. This analysis is absolutely free for you. Free daily Forex signals are offered for the following instruments: EUR / USD, GBP / JPY, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / JPY, AUD / USD, GOLD, DOW, and NIKKEI INDICES, and OIL.

  • Daily signals in Russian for 10 currency pairs
  • Signals are delivered twice a day (for real account holders)
  • Market entry signals, placement of taking profit, and stop-loss levels

Forex signals, trading signals for free, Eur Usd Aud

Can I Trust Trading Signals?

One of these tools is trading signals – specific recommendations for trading each instrument individually http://texasimagingnetwork.com/2020/04/29/top-10-knig-po-trejdingu-dlja-nachinajushhih/ at a given time. Forex Signals is not just a signal provider, it also offers access to live trading rooms.

Free Signals

If the number of successful transactions is 60-75%, then this is a very accurate online trading advisor. On the one hand, paid online tips to attract with a guarantee of a positive result – after all, finding Forex trading signals for free on for what you paid for cannot fail. When purchasing a trading signal for money, there is a high probability that you will come across scammers. It can be extremely difficult to check the reliability of information about them.

Using automatic signals, you completely entrust all your funds to the program that will perform trading operations. The advantage of this kind of trading is that you do not need to independently analyze and control the market for free Forex trading signals, make transactions, but the risks of incurring losses are very high here. It is widely believed that trading signals are for beginners.

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