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If you are just starting your way of becoming a trader, you need to learn the concept of Forex signals. Your profit directly depends on the rational use of them: the incoming signal notifies you of a favorable moment to enter or exit the market. Free Forex signals are open to each player, many of them are based on text messages alerts, and the signals are available online, in real-time.

What are free Forex signals for?

What distinguishes professional traders from the new players? The answer is evident — the ability to use market tools to optimize their profits. Free Forex signals are made for this purpose. They are recommendations for the operations with the currency at a specific point in time, created on the basis of statistical data in charts. Signals come to you on the selected channel: in the form of text messages alerts, a letter to an e-mail, or online, on a specialized server. Text messages alerts are the most popular because they are the most mobile: the phone is always at hand, no matter where you are.

Here, you can find the highest quality free Forex signals (as an example – in reality, there are many of them). Using them, you can get maximum benefit both at the initial stage and further. Undoubtedly, the main criterion of quality for each player is his personal experience, but the recommendations of more experienced traders are also subject to study in order to replenish their piggy bank of knowledge.

Traders Elite Forex Signals

This is an assistant that provides you with alerts that come to you absolutely free, online, in real-time. It is one of the most popular suppliers with wide functionality. It is suitable for advanced users, as well as for those who have mastered the basic knowledge of trading on exchanges.

Trading central Platform

Its advantage lies in the fact that Tradingcentral provides two ways to work with data: simplified, for novice users, and also more complete, for advanced.


It is a platform that combines experienced players and investors. This is its main advantage: you can partially or completely copy transactions, as well as learn from professionals directly. The flexibility of settings will help you customize xSocial for yourself.

Zulutrade Forex Signals   

It is another information provider that allows you to enter into transactions with a broker, as well as to carry out automated trading operations and make independent moves.


It is a universal copy-trading platform that connects Forex signal providers with recipients of . The service helps users find and copy suitable Forex strategies with ease. The platform collects information directly from the trading account of Forex signal providers and displays many parameters for an in-depth analysis of the .

Before making a decision about which supplier of trading signals you should follow, you can check the full trading history, get information on profitability, recovery period, and many other useful features.

Use the signals but take a decision yourself

At the initial stage of trading, Free Forex signals fully meet the requirements of a newbie. However, it is useful to say that in addition to the free ones, there are paid analogs that provide trial demo versions. This is very reasonable since no one wants to give money until they are convinced of the effectiveness of the algorithm and the accuracy of the information. Despite the information provided to you, try to analyze it yourself and make logical conclusions from the data: this way you will be able to recognize the quality of the received signals as soon as possible, and also deepen your understanding of Forex.

The best Forex signals will rightfully be recognized only by those that have passed the test of time and have established themselves as a reliable supplier of signal information. However, in combination with additional features, a user-friendly interface, and rich tools, forex signal providers become even more useful – we have tried to select those on our list. We wish you good luck finding your perfect assistant for successful trades!

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