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Forex Trading UK

Forex Trading UK




UK Trading, Forex & Brokers

The largest UK exchange is the London Stock Exchange (LSE)which functions as a joint-stock company and is protected from government interference. The main features of this exchange are that the transactions carried out are public in nature, a large number of shares of foreign companies listed here are traded, registered shares, and bonds are available. To trade on the LSE, you need to contact an international online broker (Saxo Bank, Just2Trade.online, Interactive Brokers, Exante.eu, and so on).

The UK is considered one of the first countries to regulate and control the relationship between a client and a financial intermediary (broker). The main regulatory body for Forex and the stock market in the UK is the FCA. It is a supervisory organization with deep cooperation with the PRA (supervisory authority for banks and other large financial institutions) and the Bank of England, financed by contributions from companies that have received licenses. A client who opens an account with a company registered in the UK can be sure that the broker not only provides a full range of tools, guarantees, service, and world-class services but also that its activities are closely monitored by the regulator. Otherwise, he simply would not be able to provide services in this territory.

The main regulatory act to be followed FCA: Financial Services Act 2012. For example, clients of a forex broker with an FCA license are protected from losses of up to 50,000 GBP thanks to the Financial Services Compensation Fund (FSCS). Recently, companies licensed by the FCA have drastically limited leverage to 1 in 50. It is also important to comply with the MiFID directive.

Forex Trading UK – Brokers England

London is one of the most important financial centers for trading in the international currency market. Brokers in the UK have a high level of trust from traders thanks to the activities of regulators and oversight by the Financial Conduct Authority (FСA)…

Investors and traders are guided by various criteria when choosing a broker to trade in Forex, including the reputation and origin of the company.

Foreign, and especially British, brokers are always associated with high-quality services and certain stability. But do not forget that most of the fraudulent schemes came to us from abroad and you need to carefully approach the issue of choosing a broker and take into account various factors, not just the location of the company.

An important indicator when working with a broker is also the quality of the services it provides, which is assessed by such indicators as the convenience of depositing and withdrawing money, trading platforms, order execution speed, and the lack of slippage, as well as the financial side – the value spread and swaps… The rating of brokers will help to compare trading conditions, read reviews of working traders, experts, and choose the best broker for yourself.

The FCA regulator licenses the activities of all financial services companies and has very high standards. Trading with forex brokers in the UK provides more safety and confidence to traders.

The popularity of the forex business has been growing in recent years, and at the same time, a large number of brokerage companies appear on the market that is trying to attract clients. Regardless of the place of registration, a broker can provide services to clients from different countries.


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