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The largest exchange in the UK is the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which operates as a public limited company and is protected from government interference. The main features of this exchange are that the transactions carried out are public in nature, a large number of shares of foreign companies listed here are traded, registered shares and bonds are available. To conduct trade transactions on the LSE, you must contact any international (Saxo Bank, Just2Trade.online, Interactive Brokers, Exante.eu, etc.) or a brokerage company from the CIS (Finam, BCS, Otkritie, Aton, etc.) …

The UK is considered one of the first countries to regulate and control the relationship between a client and a financial intermediary (broker). The main regulatory body for Forex and the in the UK is the FCA. It is a controlling organization with deep cooperation with the PRA (supervisory authority for banks and other large financial institutions) and the Bank of England, financed by contributions from companies that have received licenses. A client who opens an account with a company registered in the UK can be sure that the broker not only provides a full range of tools, guarantees, service and world-class services, but also that its activities are closely monitored by the regulator. Otherwise, he simply would not have been able to provide services in this territory.

The main regulatory act followed by the FCA is the Financial Services Act 2012. For example, clients of a forex broker with an FCA license are protected from losses of up to GBP 50,000 thanks to the Financial Services Compensation Fund (FSCS). Recently, FCA-licensed companies have drastically limited leverage to 1 in 50. MiFID compliance is also important.

UK brokers from Master forex-V traders

Forex brokers in the UK are the same brokerage companies that enable traders and investors from the UK to access the futures, , stock, as well as cryptocurrency and commodity markets for the purpose of trading and investment. Such brokers have at least an English-speaking support staff, an English-language website and payment systems common in the UK.

What conditions are acceptable for successful trading with UK forex brokers, what a needs to do and what problems most often arise with such brokers – our new material wiki Master forex-V.

UK commodity brokers

Despite the fact that the London Metal Exchange (LME) is present in England, which is the world center for trading in industrial metals, access to trading on it can only be obtained through a broker-member of the LME, which again will be controlled by the FCA.

  • Among them are well-known banks, investment companies and prime brokers:
  • Gf Financial Markets (UK) Limited
  • Marex Financial
  • Societe General International Limited
  • Morgan Stanley & Co
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • Hsbc Bank Plc
  • Commerzbank Ag
  • Britannia Global Markets Limited
  • Btig, Llc
  • Phillipcapital Uk Limited

The minimum deposit for opening an account is from $ 500,000.

Traders and investors with lower amounts have access to CFD contracts on commodity futures: energy carriers WTI oil, Brent oil, URALS oil, Omani crude oil, natural gas fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, liquefied gas; agricultural products: barley, corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, oats, orange juice, soybean oil, cotton, livestock, pork carcasses, milk, sugar, butter, cocoa, coffee, metals: silver, gold, palladium, platinum, nickel, aluminum, copper, lead, as well as ethanol, benzene, lumber, rubber, etc.

In addition to the already mentioned major league brokers – Oanda, Saxo Bank, FOREX.com, Swiss quote, Interactive Brokers, etc., the opportunity to trade goods can be offered to you by: Alpari, Fresh Forex, TeleTrade, FortFS, Admiral Markets, EXNESS, AMarkets, HYCM, InstaForex , Pepperstone, CapTrader, IC Markets, etc.

Cryptocurrency brokers in the UK

The easiest way to exchange cryptocurrency in the UK is to start by exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency. You can use your credit or debit card to make direct purchases at centralized exchanges, but keep in mind that usually your bank will be charged a high transaction fee.

With the help of brokerage companies, you can use on Ethereum (Ether) Ethereum ETH, Ethereum Classic ETC, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin Litecoin, Ripple XRP, EOS, Bitcoin Cash BCH, OmiseGO OMG, Monero XMR, Binance Coin BNB, NEM, LINK, NEO, Bitcoin Vision BSV, Internet of Things IOT, Dashcoin DSH, Stellar XLM, TRON TRX, DASH, Tezos XTZ, Zcash ZEC, Cardano ADA, etc.

More details can be found in the article Cryptocurrency Brokers: Masterforex-V Rating and Dossier

What licenses do brokers from other countries de facto have in the UK?

  1. All brokers present on the UK market have an English-language website and technical support. Many of them also have Russian-language support, as well as the world's major payment systems (such as VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and others) are available to UK citizens without restrictions.


  • in the top league – these are companies such as Swissquote Bank SA, FIBO Group, FXPro, Dukascopy Bank SA, FOREX.com, Nord FX ,;
  • in the second league, these are AMEGA, TeleTrade, Forex club, Weltrade, ActivTrade, Tickmill, ForexStart, AMarkets, eToro, FreshForex, Forex4you, BCS Forex, LiteForex, FortFS, NPBFX (Nefteprombank), RoboForex , Admiral Markets, etc.
  1. Reputable financial regulators of other countries seriously monitor the fulfillment of obligations. For instance,

ASIC (Australia) – eToro (eToro), Admiral Markets, Pepperstone, FP Markets, AvaTrade, EasyMarkets;

BaFin (Germany, European Union) – X-Trade Brokers, FxPro, FXCM;

CySEC (Cyprus, European Union) – NordFx, FIBO Group, FxPro, LiteForex, Tickmill, EasyMarkets, etc.

NFA (USA) – controls activities, CapTrader;

IIROC (Canada) – OANDA, CapTrader, Interactive Brokers;

FINMA (Switzerland) – Swissquote Bank, Saxo Bank and Dukascopy Bank.

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