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Intraday trading

Tell me, just honestly: who of the traders would not like to trade with small risks on the deal while making a good profit with each of them? Intraday trading (intraday trading) provides for trading on short time intervals with relatively small Stops and a good profit.

The advantages of this trading style are obvious:

  • no excessive pressure is created on the deposit due to large Stops, which means that you can start trading with a small start-up capital;
  • trade is conducted with medium intensity – this is the golden mean.

Always and at all times, the main love and passion of all life for all were two things – power and money. People always want to achieve more, to become better, to appear cooler in the eyes of their competitors and rivals. Therefore, humanity has always loved and will love power. But power is impossible without money. You won't become anything if your pocket is empty.

And even if you are not fixated on achieving something and getting rich, you will always need money. Just to at least exist. In general, money is decided by everyone, whoever says what. So, there are many different ways to make money. Today I would like to mention one effective method that most people will surely like. It makes it possible not only to earn but to earn decent capital. It's about . Many of you have heard about this but under the name Forex. That is, you can make money with intraday .

Forex is a world-famous currency exchange and trading market. This term is most often used in a slightly different sense – a narrower one. Thanks to this, currency trading is carried out. How it's done? It's very simple, all this is done by commercial banks. In this case, credit is used, therefore it is margin intraday currency trading. Abroad Forex is most often referred to as the .

Forex is an international market and transactions are carried out between banks. In such operations, not only banks take part, but also insurance companies, funds for retirees, various multinational corporations, and other similar institutions in this area. One such deal is not cheap. Forex is only practiced by those who play high and direct conversions of small amounts are not included in their rules. Therefore, they talk about intraday trading. If you want to transfer funds in small amounts, then it is best to turn to banks or Forex currency brokers. Different currency quotes are used for many transactions, and they do not necessarily have a direct connection with Forex.

Forex fundamentals are based on the principle of free currency conversion, intraday trading is carried out. At the same time, the state does not interfere in the affairs of transactions, when exchanging currencies. All this is done without an official exchange rate, without restrictions on the direction, and without prices and volumes of transactions. Complete freedom in such operations is guaranteed. But at the same time, there are rules and restrictions on the services of an intermediary. They regulate the relationship between the Forex and the broker, that is, between the client and the intermediary himself.

There is a certain risk when using the , of course. During leveraged transactions, there is an opportunity not only to increase your income but also to increase the risk of losses. There are several reasons for this. For example, when the balance of forces is upset, it can lead to price changes and it is difficult to foresee. If you use large leverage, it can greatly affect the trading result. In addition to the risks that directly relate to the price, you can still take risks with the choice of a broker. His activities can also influence this process in different ways. Much depends on the banks themselves, so it is best to turn to trusted sources.

To reduce these risks, you can try Forex intraday strategies. As you probably understand from this name, an intraday Forex strategy is to conduct transactions in one day. All this is done within one day, and such operations are not postponed until later or the next day. But sometimes you have to make exceptions. This is if the price movement should continue. But still, this happens very rarely.

Intraday Forex strategies never go beyond time. This type of trading is based on Forex indicators. They are selected for a very long time, with all possible care. Everything is for new standards, everything is in line with the trend line. Support and resistance are among the indicators, so this can be both an advantage and a negative side of the transaction.

On the advice of professionals and specialists, you need to select a currency pair for each indicator. There is a lot at stake, and a lot depends on the price and the currency pair. You should always be aware of the news, especially from the world of numbers and numbers. In general, you need to know everything about the economy in your country and abroad. This is a necessity on which the success in future transactions depends. Therefore, falling and rising currencies, default, inflation – these are all keywords in your news feed. You must know absolutely everything about this, because all sorts of events in the world always affect the exchange rate, positively or negatively, but it does, and you must be prepared for anything. Moreover, when trading is carried out within the day.

At the moment, there are many intraday strategies that allow you to make good money on Forex with almost minimal risk. Especially lately. We recommend that you start trading on Forex without investment today and provide you to change your life forever.

We will now point out a few examples of strategies that are known and actually work, and teach you how to use these strategies. Now there are a lot of them, but now we have listed those systems that have been used a huge number of times. They are considered the most successful.

  1. The London Explosion is a simple Forex intraday . How does it work? The fact is that when the London session opens, the market is often more active. Just before the opening of the session, the trader should definitely indicate the support and resistance levels. This strategy can work without indicators, but you can use it.
  2. Intraday Forex trading is also carried out using the Elliott Wave Theory. This method consists of looking for patterns on the Forex chart that consist of five elements, namely a wave structure. It is divided into two parts, one of which will be in trend, and the other corrective. This method is carried out using indicators that tend to paint this structure on the chart. This strategy is used by many traders.
  3. Using the moving average indicator, you can easily and easily trade within the day. The strength of this strategy is that it uses both fast and slow-moving averages. A buy is made when the faster one crosses the slower one. This intersection occurs from the very bottom and up.
  4. Elder's Three Screens is a strategy, the essence of which is to work with three filters that are at different distances. The operation itself takes place only when all three filters can work. Then there is an opportunity for a deal. This method has been used very often in the past and has always given good results.
  5. Intraday Forex strategies also have another one in their list of the best strategies. Its name is the Keltner Canal strategy. This is an indicator that contains moving averages with different periods. When the price is already high, then you can start the operation.
  6. The next stage on the list of the best is Bill Williams' strategy. The main weapon in this method is the Alligator indicator, which, oddly enough, also consists of moving averages. Of course, there are three of them. As you can imagine, everything is interconnected. This very indicator helps to find out whether or not there are in the market, and which ones. If we judge logically, then intraday trading is not difficult.
  7. Next, we will talk about another simple Forex intraday trading strategy. This is the famous strategy of Larry Williams. It lies in the fact that moving averages intersect in his technique. A signal appears at the moment when the crossing is followed in relation to the price chart. This method is used without indicators.

Now we can summarize, in the Forex market, of course, there is a certain risk. But through strategies, this risk is diminished. As everyone understands, there is risk everywhere, and even more so in intraday trading. Intraday Forex trading is not easy trading in the regular market. This is a very responsible project, to be an employee that only a strong person can. And a person who understands what intraday strategy and trading are. There is no way without risk, and whoever does not risk, as usual, does not drink champagne.

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