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Best Finance Planner App

Best Finance Planner App




Financial planning is not easy. It requires not only the ability to plan for the long term but also strong self-discipline so as not to overdraft a certain amount. And drag the set limit happens to many. And it is not surprising, since there are so many things around us that are calling to open a wallet. Needless to say, we sometimes need an assistant who plans finance in our place. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, where technology has entered almost any sphere. Several financial planning applications have been created that can make your life easier, and we will talk about the five most popular ones that can be used on Android smartphones.
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Budget Planning Expert

Would you like to learn how to plan properly? Then the Money Lover app will probably be very useful. Its name says everything because if you treat money with respect, they will hold on to you. And to learn this will help this application, in which you can easily record all your financial transactions. You will have the opportunity to divide them into categories in order to understand which areas you spend the most money on. And who knows, maybe something will open about the spending habits that you didn’t expect?

To make purchases no longer a headache

Make your everyday life easier by using the finance planner “Our Groceries Shopping List” application. In it, you can make a visual list of the goods to be purchased. This is a great application for families, as shopping lists can be synchronized with other phones. For example, if you yourself do not get into the store for any reason, send the list to another family member. Shop wisely and do not overpay!

So that monthly bills are always paid on time

Those of us who are not familiar with those minutes when, at the beginning of the month, we received invoices in the form of an SMS, by mail, and by e-mail. Telephone, Internet, rent, electricity, gas, etc. etc. In the daily rush, it can happen that we forget to pay any of the bills on time, but it definitely should not be, because, as you know, overdue bills can have negative consequences. To stop ever worry about paying your bills on time, use the “One Touch Expense” app. It makes it possible to plan a budget, and also reminds of unpaid bills. Using the “Snapshot” option, you can take photographs of purchased checks so that they are not lost. In this way, you can control your expenses, as well as compare the effectiveness of savings over different periods, for example, weeks, months, years, etc.

Find the cheapest product!

Using a financial planner, your shopping habits will change! Do you know the situation when, after buying in one store, having entered another, you find that you could buy the same goods cheaper? Of course, we cannot foresee this, we are not clairvoyants, but this application is intended for this. Scan the barcode of the product, and the application will find stores where it is possible to buy it cheaper. However, it is worth considering that not all Latvian stores and goods in them are available in the application.


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