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ToDo is the most popular and powerful to-do planning app. Suitable for iOS version 7.1 and above. What I liked about ToDo is that it can be synced to cloud storage. You make a shopping list, open up access to family members, who bought the product – deletes it from the list, and everyone can see it. Interacts with iCloud and Dropbox. Very comfortably. What’s nicer: tasks can be sorted, prioritized, and searched for. It is also possible to add a location on the map. If you have a meeting, you can quickly see which part of the city to go to – this can significantly save time. Also, note that ToDo is one of the few applications that support AirPrint wireless printing.


Things is a task scheduler. There is the ability to sync with cloud storage, interact with iCloud. The peculiarity of Things is that this program integrates with Siri, that is, tasks can be dictated, not typed. There is a search, sorting, list “Today”. If something needs to be done every day, you can set a repetition.

Planner Plus

Planner Plus is a personal organizer for fixing tasks, notes, and events. I find this application worthy as it supports task search, sorting, prioritization, and most importantly, delegation. You can assign a person in charge and transfer the task to him. Anyone with access can manage the to-do list. There is cloud sync. It is very convenient that you can customize the content of the badge on the program icon. If you have an Apple Watch, you can view the list of tasks right on the watch screen so as not to waste time getting your phone out of your pocket.


2Do is a time management application with advanced functionality. It is for the more fastidious users who want to customize the interface to suit their preferences. It is possible to sync with cloud storage, calendar, Siri assistant. Push and geo notifications are supported. Notes can be sorted by type, sent by mail, marked as recurring daily/weekly. I was pleased that the task has the ability to attach a media file – a photo, voice message, or video, as well as a location. A password is set for additional data protection. Decent universal app.

OmniFocus 2

Rounding out the top five is OmniFocus 2. I love it because it lets you create, sort, and track tasks. It integrates with cloud storage and Siri assistant, there is a Today list, a calendar mode. You can add audio files, videos, pictures, photos, location to notes. Tasks are sorted by date, priority. Another feature of OmniFocus 2 is the ability to assign context. This can be a mood (good, cheerful, sad), a place of stay (home, work, cafe), and even a person’s name. This data can then be easily searched for.

Pocket Lists

Pocket Lists is a budget but functional day planner app. It integrates with the cloud and calendar, tasks are sorted by projects (household chores, entertainment, personal affairs, shopping list, etc.). Any user who has access to them can manage the to-do list. It’s nice that you can set priorities, attach a location, set repetitive tasks. There is support for push notifications and geo notifications, setting the content of the badge on the icon.


Sooner is the most unusual to-do planner I’ve come across. The application interface is made in the form of a clock face, where tasks are placed according to the time by sectors. I liked the fact that the management is nowhere easier. You can transfer a task with one swipe of your finger, no cumbersome forms with unnecessary fields. Sooner integrates with the calendar, supports push notifications. Cases can be sorted by importance with bright colors. There is support for repetitive tasks. Minimum settings.


On the 8th place at the top is the free Wunderlist application. I believe that all the most basic functions of the scheduler are collected here. If you need to capture and manage tasks, it is fine. You can install Wunderlist on a device with iOS 7.0 or higher. The app has cloud sync, Today list, custom task sorting. Access to the to-do list can be granted to contacts who also installed the program, in which case everyone can make adjustments. You can also delegate tasks. A great solution for organizing your main tasks.

Any Do

Any Do is another free organizer program with a set of useful functions. Here you can create tasks, manage them, assign a responsible person, set priorities. In my opinion, the peculiarity of the application is that it integrates with the Siri speech recognition service and allows you to create voice notes, which are not always available even in paid programs.


Firetask is a great scheduling app with a well-thought-out structure. Tasks are sorted here by type (projects, categories, plan for today), time, status (completed, to be done). The application synchronizes with cloud storage, and also allows you to transfer tasks to another person who also has the program installed. I am sure that Firetask is well suited for solving work tasks. “Every hour you spend planning your work saves three or four hours,” said Crawford Greenwall. So let’s use time rationally, and then the question “How to keep up with everything?” will disappear by itself.

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